How Not to Ruin a Great Idea

The Key to Turning a Great Idea into a Brilliant Product: Execution.

Have you ever noticed how in many organisations there seems to be a gap between ideation and execution resulting in — at best — suboptimal products?

The key to turning a great idea into a brilliant product: execution.

It goes without saying that ideation is a crucial step. The problem is that often too much effort is spent on ideation alone as a “blue sky thinking” exercise, only capturing a moment in time. Ideas, often seen to be the holy grail, are researched during endless workshops, offsite meetings and strategy sessions. However, if you treat execution as an afterthought even the best idea is virtually worthless. You soon hit barriers, such as the reality of technical constraints and the fact that ideas only become valuable when you execute them.

  1. Deliver as soon as possible. Design thinking has its value in product strategy and development. Nevertheless even the highest quality prototype will never provide as valuable insights as a developed product. Push yourself to deliver your MVP as soon as possible. This enables you to gather valuable data which you can then iterate upon.
  2. Release little and often. In my experience, several positive behaviours are driven by releasing regular incremental changes. Firstly, it challenges product team members to always put the customer first, pushing them to think of smaller increments that will deliver the most value. Secondly, with a goal to release regularly, any benefits from optimising processes or removing impediments quickly pay off dividends. As a result, the team is encouraged to continuously improve. Thirdly, frequently releasing product updates generates momentum, boosts team morale and creates a strong sense of pride within the team. Last but not least, it also breeds confidence and builds trust with senior stakeholders.

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